No one wants to drink their beer warm. Whether you’re a fan of lager, ale, pilsner, or stout, the only way to drink any beer is to drink it ice-cold.

Does this mean, then, that you have no choice but to go from your man cave to the kitchen every time you get a hankering for a cold one?

Maybe. But, why put yourself through all that trouble when you could just get a mini-fridge for your man cave instead?

Frivolous as they may seem, mini-fridges are actually quite helpful in making your man cave a more sustainable living environment. Imagine never having to leave your couch or your gaming chair while you’re in the middle of something ever again just to get a can of beer.

Imagine not needing to make multiple trips to the kitchen when you feel like knocking back a few bottles. Imagine if ice-cold beer was within arm’s reach all the time.

Ready to turn all that into reality? Stop imagining and let us help you find the best mini-fridge for your man cave!

Best Overall

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler


  • 3.2 cubic feet
  • 120V 240W
  • External size: 18.9” W (front across) x 33.3” H (top to bottom) x 17.30” D (front to back)
  • Internal size: 16” W x 29” H x 12” D
  • Holds 120 standard-sized beverage cans

With a capacity of 120 standard-sized beverage cans, you’re sure to never go thirsty in your man cave ever again! Whether you use your man cave as a home office, a mini-theater, or a gaming den, this sleek and modern beverage cooler is sure to come in handy.

It comes with three detachable and adjustable shelves that let you store a healthy assortment of beverages in different size containers and it has LED interior lights as well so you can see which beverage to reach for, even when the room is dark.

Best Man Cave Mini Fridge - best overall man cave mini fridge

With digital temperature controls and a whisper-quiet cooling fan, you can rest assured that your drinks are constantly kept cool and refreshing.

Despite its impressive 120-can capacity, this mini-fridge is quite compact and can fit into most tight spaces. Its simple and straightforward design makes it easy to blend in with the rest of your man cave.

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient mini-fridge to keep tons of drinks cold, whether for personal or party use, and you want one that’ll fit right into your man cave, this is the perfect mini-fridge for you.


  • Sleek on the outside – its simple and minimalist interior makes it an easy match for whatever man cave theme you have going on.
  • Spacious on the inside – holds 120 standard-sized beverage cans so you can say goodbye to that ugly, old cooler you’ve been hauling around the house for the longest time.
  • Customizable – comes with three detachable shelf trays that you can adjust, depending on the size and height of your beverage of choice. Works well in keeping your drinks and snacks separate, too.
  • Whisper-quiet motor – don’t you just hate it when your fridge is louder than the music you’re playing or the movie you’re watching? This mini-fridge runs on a whisper-quiet motor that does the job efficiently without being a distraction.
  • Switchable door hinges – if you’re a lefty, you know how painful it is and how stupid it makes you feel when the fridge door smacks you in the face out of nowhere while trying to open it. Thanks to this mini fridge’s switchable door hinges, though, you won’t have that problem again.


  • Tray style – grate-style shelf trays make it a bit hard to keep cans propped up when the shelf isn’t full.

Best Budget

CROWNFUL Mini Fridge


  • 7.48×9.85×10.83 Inches
  • Holds up to 6 standard size beverage cans or up to 4L
  • AC/12V DC
  • Cools up to 32°F and warms up to 149°F or 0°C to 65°C
  • AC/DC compatible (AC 120V, DC 12V)

Knowing that you got more than your money’s worth with a good and reliable product is one of the best and most satisfying feelings in the world. If your budget for a beverage cooler for your man cave isn’t that big but you still want one that’s functional, stylish, and worth every penny, the CROWNFUL Mini Fridge is worth giving a shot.

This multi-purpose mini-fridge lets you have the best of both worlds, functioning as both a beverage chiller and warmer, at a very reasonable and competitive price point.

It can go from 32°F to 149°F with just the flip of a switch so it’s very easy to use and it can hold quite a decent amount of drinks, too, making it a great personal drink dispenser.

Running quietly on both AC and DC, the CROWNFUL Mini Fridge plugs into your wall socket at home in your man cave and works seamlessly from a 12V car charger when you’re on the go with your family or your best pals.

Best Man Cave Mini Fridge - best budget man cave fridge

It’s like having cool drinks on tap whenever, wherever! It’s also 100% freon-free and ETL-certified so it’s guaranteed to be eco-friendly and safe.

This compact and portable features a built-in carry handle and a self-locking recessed door handle. The exterior design gives off strong retro vibes; kind of like what you would see from SMEG’s 50’s Style range, except in mini form.

Inside, you get a good amount of space, enough to fit 6 cans of beverages. It also comes with a detachable shelf tray that you can use to organize your fridge’s contents.



  • Budget-friendly – not everyone can afford a high-end mini fridge to get legit bar feels in their man cave but, thankfully, this unit can help you achieve that without breaking the bank.
  • Versatile – well, what do you do with this teeny-tiny fridge once you have enough to buy a bigger one for your man cave, you ask? Give it to your wife to keep her high-end skincare in or stash it away ‘til you have a baby and use it to store breastmilk and/or temp-sensitive medication. It’s quite durable, too, so it’ll surely last you a long time.
  • Multi-functional – what better way to get the best bang for your buck than to get a product that does the job of two for the price of one?
  • Compact – if you have limited space in your man cave, this is the mini-fridge for you. You can set it up on your desk or on the floor and it barely takes up any space.
  • Lightweight and portable – keep it in your man cave or bring it on trips, the choice is entirely up to you.


  • Takes a while to reach the lowest or highest setting – if you’re planning on using this mini-fridge at the lowest or highest temperature setting, you might want to switch it up early as it takes a while to warm up to the highest setting or cool down to the lowest.

Best Runner Up

Euhomy Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler


  • 3.2 cu.ft.
  • Dimensions: 18.9 x 17.3 x 33.3;
  • Weight: 72.8 pounds
  • Triple-layer tempered glass door with low-e coating
  • 115V/60Hz
  • Chills drinks up to 34°F
  • Holds up to 115-120 cans.

The Euhomy Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler is the best and most ideal mini-fridge for guys who love to party and entertain friends in their man cave.

With a size of 3.2 cubic feet, it comes with 3 removable shelf trays that can hold up to 120 cans of standard size canned beverages like soda and beer. You can adjust the shelf height to fit bigger drinks, too.

Its exterior design is simple and sleek. The combination of black and stainless steel lends it a sexy and sophisticated look while the clear, reversible glass door adds to its modern design. It’s not just pleasing to the eyes, though.

Best Man Cave Mini Fridge - best runner up man cave fridge

The triple-layer tempered glass door is Low-E coated which helps it do its job without consuming too much energy. Got wonky floors? No problem! This has adjustable feet so it stays level, even when your floor isn’t.

If you’re someone who’s looking for an energy-efficient beverage cooler that you can use in your man cave to host parties or simply store a boat load of drinks in and you don’t mind that it eats up quite a bit of floor space then this is the one for you.


  • Large capacity – this 3.2 cubic ft. mini-fridge isn’t so mini. It can hold up to 120 standard size cans of beverage inside and it comes with 3 detachable shelf trays that you can use to organize your drinks.
  • Energy-efficient – thinking twice about getting a mini-fridge for your man cave because you’re afraid it might consume too much energy? The Euhomy Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler is designed to chill your beverages without using too much energy. Thanks to its high-elastic, airtight door seal and the triple-layer low-e coated tempered glass door, this mini-fridge ensures maximum insulation while using minimal energy.
  • Digital controls – being able to control the temperature at which to store your beverage is important and this mini-fridge lets you do just that with its digital control panel that allows you take charge of temperature, power and lights.
  • Adjustable shelf height – being able to store a variety of drinks in your mini fridge is important if you want to make the most out of it. No matter how good it tastes, you can’t live on beer alone so being able to fit water, juices, and some soda in there is a must. Thankfully, this mini-fridge has adjustable shelves that allow you to store drinks of different sizes in it.
  • Perfect size for any room – whether your man cave is big or small, there’s always room for a 3.2 cu. fr mini-fridge. Admittedly, it’s bigger than your usual table top mini-fridge, but it’s still small enough to sit nicely on the table if you’re short on floor space. Otherwise, it’s good as a freestanding mini-fridge too.


  • No auto light – while there is an LED light that lets you see inside the mini-fridge better, it doesn’t come with an auto on-off function so you’d manually have to switch it on and off every time.

Best under 150

Frigidaire Retro Bar Fridge


  • 3.2 cu. ft.
  • 16.5 x 19 x 31 inches
  • 47.8 pounds
  • 120V
  • Fridge and freezer
  • Reversible door

Who would have thought that you could get a nice mini-fridge from one of the most well-known refrigerator brands for under $150? The Frigidaire EFR376-BLACK Retro Bar Fridge is a 3.2 cu. ft. mini-fridge with 2 slide-out glass shelves, a freezer and an ice maker. The latter, especially, is a feature that you don’t usually get with mini-fridges.

This mini-fridge is the perfect addition to any retro-themed man cave. Its sleek black exterior is combined with silver accents, giving it a very manly look.

It has the classic Frigidaire logo on the door and a handy little bottle opener that you can attach on the side for opening drinks easily and conveniently.

Best Man Cave Mini Fridge - best under 150 man cave fridge

Inside, you get an ice tray that lets you make ice in the freezer, two adjustable glass shelves that lets you sort your drinks quickly and easily, and plenty of fridge door storage space to store your drinks in.

Performance-wise, the Frigidaire EFR376-BLACK Retro Bar Fridge does a great job at getting drinks to a perfectly chilled temperature. It runs smoothly and quietly as long as it’s placed on a level floor.

If your budget for your man cave mini fridge is capped at $150, this fridge will make sure you get every penny’s worth.


  • Best value for money – sometimes, it’s the little things that make you feel like you’ve truly scored a bargain. For this mini-fridge, it’s the freezer compartment. Most mini-fridges don’t come with a freezer, but the Frigidaire EFR376-BLACK Retro Bar Fridge does, and yet it still comes in at under $150!
  • Door storage – planning on storing some snacks in the main fridge compartment? That’s alright, there’s plenty of space for your drinks in the fridge door storage. This mini-fridge may be small, but it’s impressively made to hold a ton of drinks and other stuff inside.
  • Quiet motor – despite being able to come down to chilly temps very quickly, this mini-fridge is surprisingly very quiet. You won’t even notice it running in the background!
  • Customizable shelf space – not all drinks come in standard size cans and bottles so the adjustable shelves are really handy in storing different kinds of snacks and drinks in your minifridge.
  • Well-made – despite being more affordable compared to most other mini-fridges of the same size and capacity, this one is remarkably well-made and the materials used are not at all cheap.


  • Some assembly required – the handle and the bottle opener do not come pre-attached to the unit, leading most buyers to think that their mini-fridge came broken. However, all you really have to do is pop the door handle in and screw the bottle opener on and you’re good to go.
  • Inconvenient temp control location – while most modern mini-fridges have a digital control in front that lets you easily control your unit’s temp, this one

Most Stylish

Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator


  • 5.7 cu. ft.
  • 33″ H x 17″ W x 18.5″ D (20.5″ D with handle installed)
  • Temperature range: 30ºF to mid 60ºF
  • 120-can capacity (standard size)
  • 115V /60Hz
  • 85 Watts Power

There’s something about the combination of black and stainless steel that just makes it modern, manly and sexy. This freestanding mini-fridge not only cools your drink but frames it like artwork, too. Its glass door panel has a stainless steel trim that, when combined with the soft LED interior lights, makes any drink inside look so much more tempting.

The door is reversible, too, which allows for a more versatile placement in your man cave.

The Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator is a 5.7 cu. ft. freestanding mini refrigerator unit with a 120-can capacity. It has 5 metal wire racks that make up a total of 6 shelves of varying heights.

To store bigger/taller drinks, you can take out a rack or two to make them fit better.

Best Man Cave Mini Fridge - most stylish man cave fridge

It also features a mechanical temp control that lets you set your unit’s fridge anywhere between 30ºF to mid 60ºF and an internal fan that circulates cool air constantly throughout the unit to keep all drinks evenly chilled at all times.

Who says guys don’t care about aesthetics? Make your man cave functional and stylish by adding sensible appliances like this good looking mini fridge that cools drinks and, at the same time, adds a cool vibe to the room. It’s great for storing your personal stash or for keeping refreshments chilled during parties.


  • Stylish – make your man cave the ultimate place to be during weekends with your best buds by converting it into a replica of your favorite swanky bar, complete with drinks and a fancy mini fridge that keeps everything nice and frosty.
  • Versatile – there are tons of ways to make this unit work for your man cave. Its sleek and simple design allows it to blend in perfectly with any man cave theme and the slide-out racks let you customize the height of each shelf so you can fit different types and sizes of beverages inside. The door is reversible, too, which means that you can have your fridge open from either left or right — great news for lefties!
  • Roomy – being able to hold 120 cans of beverages at once is no easy feat for a mini fridge but this unit does so flawlessly. It’s truly the perfect little beverage chiller for any occasion!
  • Evenly chilled drinks, always – say goodbye to spending a few minutes with your mini-fridge door open, trying to get a feel of each and every can to see which one’s the coldest when you’re feeling particularly parched on a hot day because the Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator keeps all your drinks cold constantly and evenly.


  • Makes a bit of noise – if a whisper-quiet motor is a top priority for you, this might not be such a great pick. The unit makes quite a bit of noise which others find distracting and bothersome.

Best Novelty

Marshall Compact Fridge


  • 4.4 cu. ft.
  • W20.3”xD22.5”xH32”
  • Authentic Marshall Amp parts
  • Reversible door
  • Mini freezer compartment
  • Fridge temp ranges from 32º to 50º Fahrenheit; Freezer temp ranges from -21º to 32º Fahrenheit
  • Energy Star compliant

Refrigerate your drinks like a rock star with the Marshall Compact Fridge. This mini-fridge is the perfect addition to any man cave that also doubles as a band practice venue for music freaks and band geeks.

Embellished with authentic Marshall Amp parts, this mini-fridge is the quirky novelty item you didn’t know your man cave needed but did.

Good looks alone won’t do it, though. Jamming with friends is fun, but it can be exhausting and throat-drying, so a good looking mini fridge that actually keeps your drinks cold and refreshing is a welcome treat.

The Marshall Compact Fridge has a 4 cu. ft. main refrigerator compartment where you can store snacks and drinks.

Best Man Cave Mini Fridge - best novelty man cave mini fridge

It also has storage space on the fridge door for several cans of beverages (or candies and condiments if you’re more into snacking than drinking).

On top, it has a 0.4 cu. ft. freezer where you can make ice or store chilled/frozen snacks like ice cream and yogurt (who says guys don’t love these?).

Like most of the other mini fridges we’ve mentioned here, the Marshall Compact Fridge also has a reversible door that allows you to have it open from either left or right, a truly innovative feature for lefties everywhere! It’s a good-sized fridge that doesn’t take up a lot of floor space and its unique design makes it so much easier to place anywhere in your man cave.


  • Unique design – not one to go for mainstream looks and designs? Adding eccentric and unconventional appliances like this one is a great way to make your man cave look cool and exciting.
  • Freezer and fridge – having a freezer with your mini fridge is always an excellent bonus that you won’t always get with other models and other brands. For drinks that are better enjoyed with ice or for keeping mini tubs of ice cream, having your own freezer in your man cave is sure to come in handy.
  • Compact – don’t have a lot of space in your man cave? This compact fridge lives up to its name. You can set it up on the floor or prop it up on a table, depending on how much space you have in the room — either way, it doesn’t take up a lot of space and isn’t bulky at all, so it won’t get in the way of you getting around your man cave comfortably.
  • Easy to use – like a traditional full-sized fridge, this unit has its thermostat control conveniently located inside the main fridge compartment so you can quickly and conveniently access it to set your fridge to the right temp.
  • Energy-efficient – the Marshall Compact Fridge is Energy Star compliant so you don’t have to feel guilty about jacking up the power beer in exchange for cold drinks in your man cave all the time.


  • No interior light – this unit doesn’t have an interior light which means that you’ll have to look harder when reaching for drinks in the dark.

Best Built-in Mini Fridge

Phiestina 15 Inch Beverage Cooler Refrigerator


  • 14.9 x 22.4 x 33.9 inches
  • 72.8 pounds
  • 110V/60Hz
  • Reversible door
  • Front Vent
  • Digital temp control
  • Ergonomic design

You know someone’s serious about pimping out their man cave when the mini-fridge is built-in instead of being left freestanding. Not everyone’s lucky to have a man cave with enough room to house a home bar.

If you’re one of the lucky few and you’re looking for an excellent mini fridge that can be built right into your bar counter, check out the Phiestina 15 Inch Beverage Cooler Refrigerator.

This modern mini-fridge features a simple but ergonomic design for maximum added aesthetic value and optimal comfort and ease of use.

With a black frame and a steel-framed glass door, this unit is sure to blend in well with the rest of your bar set up at home. And, speaking of doors, this unit has a reversible door, too, so you can open it on either side.

Best Man Cave Mini Fridge - best built in man cave mini fridge

Size-wise, it’s not too bulky but it’s not too compact either. It has a 96-can capacity, and it comes with fully detachable shelves that you can customize to fit your beverage of choice.

The Phiestina 15 Inch Beverage Cooler Refrigerator has digital temp control and display for easy setting and monitoring. It also has a kick plate-protected front vent where heat can escape, so your unit doesn’t overheat from continually running and cooling drinks.

This is an incredibly important feature to look for when buying a built-in fridge since the sides are closed off.


  • Well-crafted design – design is an important factor to consider when buying a built-in fridge. Since it will be placed in a fixed position for an extended period of time, you’ll want all the necessary points of troubleshooting and control to be easily accessible, and the Phiestina 15 Inch Beverage Cooler Refrigerator has that.
  • Decent storage capacity – with its can capacity just a few digits short of 100, this mini-fridge is quite sizeable for personal use in a man cave.
  • Multiple installation options – while we’re crowning this our top pick for the best built-in man cave mini fridge, we also highly recommend it as a freestanding mini fridge unit, so if you move houses or change your mind about having it built-in, it would still be a fantastic option.
  • Quiet compressor fan – powerful compressor fans often make a lot of noise but not the one on the Phiestina 15 Inch Beverage Cooler Refrigerator. This mini fridge runs quietly in the background; it’s easy to forget it’s even there.


  • No auto-defrost feature – defrosting your mini-fridge or even your regular kitchen fridge for that matter is part of maintaining it to ensure it runs efficiently all the time. Unfortunately, this unit doesn’t have an auto-defrost feature, which means you’ll have to do it manually every time.

Best Mini Fridge with Freezer

Galanz GLR35BKER Retro Compact Refrigerator


  • 3.5 cu. ft. (2.97 cu. ft. main fridge compartment, 0.41 cu.ft. freezer)
  • 120Volts /60Hz
  • 19.17 x 23.31 x 35.16 inches
  • 55.10 lbs
  • LED interior light
  • Mechanical adjustable thermostat

Not everyone who wants a mini-fridge wants one for beverages alone. Some guys like to fill their man caves with booze AND treats like ice cream or even chocolates, and if you’re one of them, a mini-fridge with a freezer compartment would definitely be the perfect addition to your man cave.

With a beautifully retro exterior, you’d think this is another one of those novelty appliances that are overpriced but underperforming.

However, you’ll be pleased to discover that the Galanz GLR35BKER Retro Compact Refrigerator works as well as it looks.

Best Man Cave Mini Fridge - best man cave mini fridge with freezer

It has an adjustable mechanical thermostat control panel in the main fridge compartment so you can adjust its internal temp accordingly, and it has an interior LED light as well that lets you see what’s in your fridge better.

The main fridge compartment has glass shelves that you can remove to make room for bigger items. It also houses the crisper drawer where you can store fruits to keep them fresh for snacking later.

It has plenty of door storage shelves where you can keep more drinks. On top is the freezer compartment where you can make ice or store ice cream and other chilled/frozen treats.


  • All-in-one mini-fridge – unlike most of the options we’ve mentioned and those you’ll find online and in the market, this mini-fridge is not just a beverage cooler but an actual mini version of the traditional kitchen fridge complete with a freezer and a crisper drawer.
  • Low power consumption – for something that works so efficiently at maintaining cold temperatures, this unit surprisingly only consumes an average of 220 kWh annually. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient mini-fridge, this might just be what you need.
  • Cool retro design – if sleek, modern steel appliances are not your thing, you’ll love the unique retro design on this mini-fridge. It’s not a look that you’ll often see, even with other retro-style appliances, which is perfect if you like adding unique and one-of-a-kind items in your man cave.
  • Perfect price point – considering all of its features that set it above the rest and all of its shortcomings as a mini-fridge as well, this unit is placed at the perfect price point. It’s not as expensive as high-end mini-fridges but also not as cheap as the
  • Metal case/frame – the body is made of metal all around instead of plastic, which is what other mini-fridge cases are made from, ensuring you that it’s sturdy and durable, even when used constantly for an extended period of time.


  • Single door – despite having two main compartments (fridge and freezer), the Galanz GLR35BKER Retro Compact Refrigerator only comes with a single door. This means that you’ll have no choice but to open the whole thing up, even when you’re just getting one thing.

Best Coffee Table Fridge

Primst Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table


  • 51 x 26 x 18 inches
  • 127 lbs.
  • 130L or 164-can capacity
  • Bluetooth stereo speakers
  • 2x USB charging ports
  • Digital touch controls
  • Clever and classy coffee table design

Can’t find a mini-fridge that blends right in with the classy and luxurious aesthetic you’re going for in your man cave? Stainless steel kitchen appliances do tend to seem out-of-place in posh spaces.

Thankfully, refrigerators and beverage coolers have come a long way and there are lots of ways to conceal them without sacrificing either style or functionality. Case in point: this amazing coffee table style smart refrigerator by Primst.

Combining style, functionality, and novelty in one product isn’t easy but the Primst Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table does it flawlessly. If you don’t like the look of mini-fridges being installed in man caves, but you still want cool, refreshing drinks in your den without leaving the room, this is for you.

Best Man Cave Mini Fridge - best coffee table man cave mini fridge

At first glance, you’d think it’s just another ordinary coffee table, but once you open the drawers, you’ll be greeted by a nice and refreshing cold breeze along with delightfully chilled beverages.

The tabletop smart digital touch control panel is protected by a layer of tempered glass while the rest of the table’s body is made of solid wood so you know it’ll last you a really long time.

Its clever design and multifunctionality make it a man cave must-have for anyone who’s looking for a nifty way to store and chill drinks while also adding tons of aesthetic value to the room.



  • Multifunctional – it’s not just a mini-fridge, it’s a table that can hold plenty of things when you’re entertaining in your man cave, too.
  • Rounded edges – with rounded edges instead of sharp and pointy ones, you can rest assured that you won’t be recovering from a hang-over with a mysterious wound on your forehead any time soon. This design feature is ideal for dads who bring their little ones into their man caves as well.
  • Bluetooth speaker and USB charging ports– as if the table-and-fridge combo wasn’t enough, the Primst Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table continues to impress with its Bluetooth stereo speakers and 2 conveniently placed USB charging ports at the side.
  • High-end, luxurious design – the combination of wood, glass, and steel gives this coffee table mini-fridge such a ritzy, sophisticated, deluxe look and feel to it. It might just be the missing piece you need to tie everything together in your man cave.


  • Heavy – man cave located down in the basement? Or maybe up in the attic? Wherever it may be, just remember that this item is quite heavy so make sure you have other people to help you carry it to your desired spot. 

Best Portable Mini Fridge

AstroAI Mini Fridge


  • 9.45 x 10 x 6.89 inches
  • 4.55 lbs.
  • 4L or 6-can capacity
  • AC/DC powered
  • Cooler and warmer
  • Eco-friendly

Unless you work from home or you run your business from home, you can’t really spend all of your time locked up in your man cave so being able to bring your mini-fridge and enjoy cold drinks anywhere you would be a great way to make the most out of your purchase.

Looking for a mini-fridge that you can take with you wherever you go? Check out the AstroAI Mini Fridge Portable AC/DC Powered Thermoelectric System Cooler and Warmer.

Measuring only 10” tall and weighing a measly 4.55 lbs., having this in tow wherever you go shouldn’t be a problem.

You can plug it into your car when you’re on the go or in a wall socket when you’re at home in your man cave; either way, it’s guaranteed to work since it’s both ac/dc powered.

Best Man Cave Mini Fridge - best portable man cave mini fridge

It comes with an adjustable shelf so you can store your goods better inside and, on the outside, it has a carry handle as well that makes for easy traveling. Aside from being compact and portable, this unit is multi-functional as well.

Choose whether you want to keep your drink warm or cool and set the temp accordingly with a flip of a switch. Its motor runs quietly but powerfully like that one friend who doesn’t commit to anything but always comes through anyway. It’s also eco-friendly and is CE, FCC, ETL, RoHS certified so you can rest easy knowing that you’re cooling your drinks efficiently and safely.



  • Compact – it’s the perfect size to take with you on road trips and to keep you company in your man cave as well. It doesn’t eat up a lot of space and you can virtually set it up wherever you want.
  • AC/DC compatible – lost power at home for whatever reason? Keep your drinks chilled by plugging your mini-fridge into your car instead.
  • Affordable – another great thing about the AstroAI Mini Fridge Portable AC/DC Powered Thermoelectric System Cooler and Warmer is that it’s affordable so it’s ideal for guys who don’t have a big budget to pimp out their man caves or for students who have turned their dorm rooms into man caves.
  • Eco-friendly – this mini-fridge is freon-free so you can rest assured you’re not damaging the environment for just a few cans of cold drinks.


  • Limited space and limited options – because there isn’t much space to play around in, your options on what you can store inside are very limited, too.

Best Beer Mini Fridge

Miller Lite Compact Fridge 90L


  • 3.3 cu. ft. or 90L
  • 17.5 x 18.75 x 33 inches
  • 48.5 pounds
  • 110V/85W
  • Fridge and freezer compartments
  • Frost-free
  • Reversible door
  • Keeps drinks cool between 28 F and 50 F (-2 C and 10 C)
  • Mechanical thermostat control dial

Love beer? Apparently, so do lots of other guys out there which is why this Miller Lite Compact Fridge is so popular. This cute little mini-fridge is designed with the Miller Lite logo on it, perfect for fans of the fine pilsner brand.

It also has a built-in bottle opener on the door so you don’t have to fumble through countless drawers looking for one when you need it.

Love drinking beer below zero? No problem! Though small in size, this unit somehow manages to fit a fridge and a freezer compartment inside with the temperature ranging from 28 F to 50 F (-2 C and 10 C).

Best Man Cave Mini Fridge - best man cave mini beer fridge

Use the mechanical thermostat control dial located beside the freezer door to set it to your preferred temp to enjoy your drinks exactly the way you want it.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance beer fridge for your man cave, this is it. It’s frost-free which means you can rest easy knowing your unit will run smoothly and efficiently without you manually defrosting it on a regular basis.

This standalone mini-fridge has a reversible door with storage and adjustable shelves for organizing drinks of different sizes.


  • Fun design – nothing reminds you of Happy Hour more than seeing your favorite beer brand’s name from across the room. Create an atmosphere that makes you look forward to the good times with this mini-fridge.
  • Great value for money – for the price you’re paying, you get a nice and quirky design to add personality to your man cave, a fridge and a freezer in one, and the ability to enjoy your beer below zero — what more could you possibly ask for?
  • Auto-defrost feature – say goodbye to dealing with ice build-up in your freezer! This mini-fridge has an auto-defrost feature that keeps your unit running smoothly at all times without you having to manually intervene.
  • Spacious, customizable interior – if you’re the type who likes to have lots of options when it comes to refreshments, you’ll be happy to know that the Miller Lite Compact Fridge has a spacious interior with fully customizable shelves to accommodate bottles or cans of any size and shape. Just because it’s a Miller Lit fridge doesn’t mean you have to stick to Miller Lite, the Miller brand, or even beer.


  • Temperature control could be better – there’s only one dial to set the temperature for both the fridge and the freezer. Having separate controls for each would have been better.

Best Wine Cooler

Aobosi Wine Refrigerator


  • 39 x 27.5 x 27 inches
  • 90 lbs.
  • 51-bottle capacity
  • Dual-zone cooling with separate digital temp control and display for each zone
  • Upper zone temp range: 41 to 55.4 degrees F
  • Lower zone temp range: 55.4 to 65.4 degrees F
  • Front vent
  • Child-proof safety lock
  • Temperature memory function

Some guys prefer beer while others, wine. If you’re the latter and you’re thinking of converting a portion of your man cave into a wine cellar, a good wine cooler is a must and that’s exactly what the Aobosi 24-inch 51-Bottle Wine Refrigerator is.

This wine cooler can be installed built-in to your bar counter if you have one in your man cave or you can simply set it up as a standalone wine cooler so finding a place for it won’t be a problem.

Wine experts and enthusiasts know that different kinds of wine need to be stored at different temperatures. A good rule of thumb to remember is that wines, whether red or white, should be stored between 45 to 65 degrees F.

If you’re very particular with storing your reds and whites separately, though, you’ll love the fact that this wine cooler has a dual-zone cooling system with digital display and control that allows you to be more precise with each zone’s temperature.

Best Man Cave Mini Fridge - best man cave mini wine cooler

It also has a temperature memory function that restores your unit’s set temp settings in case it restarts because of a power outage.

The Aobosi 24 inch 51 Bottle Wine Refrigerator has a 51-bottle capacity for standard-sized bottles.

If you’re a collector and your wine bottles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, though, you can always remove a rack or two to make more room for your unique collection.


  • Stores your wines like a pro – you don’t need to hire a sommelier to ensure that your wines are stored at an optimum temperature so they can beautifully develop the right flavors while in storage when you have a smart wine cooler like this.
  • Large capacity – 51 standard-sized Bordeaux bottles can take up a lot of space. Thankfully, the Aobosi 24 inch 51 Bottle Wine refrigerator has enough room for all that (maybe more) in its compact but spacious body.
  • Smart touch display and controls – say goodbye to second-guessing your wine cooler’s temperature with the Aobosi 24 inch 51 Bottle Wine refrigerator’s smart touch display and controls that allow you to set the temperature to a T and monitor is easily and conveniently.
  • Child-proof – dads know how hard it is to keep kids away from the man cave, no matter how strict you try to be about it. This wine cooler’s safety lock feature helps you make sure your wine collection doesn’t get in the wrong (stubby, grubby) hands.
  • Elegant design – the blue LED lights and the double-layer tempered glass door don’t just help keep a constant temperature inside your wine cooler but it gives the whole unit a very classy and elegant look as well.


  • A little loud – this wine cooler works hard so it’s only understandable that it can get a little loud at times. If you’re keeping it in your man cave, though, the noise shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Best Garage Fridge

Whynter TBR-185SR Portable Tool Box Refrigerator


  • 1.8 cu. ft.
  • 21 x 17 x 32 inches
  • 82 pounds
  • Temperature range: high 30°F – mid 60°F
  • Auto-defrost feature
  • 115V/60W
  • Lock and key set
  • 2 roller drawers
  • Optional caster wheels

Turning your garage into a man cave can be convenient and practical if that’s where you spend most of your time anyway.

However, because it’s a common space that you’re basically turning into your own private den, it’s inevitable for people, kids included, to come in and mess with your stuff so storing alcoholic drinks in your garage/man cave can be tricky.

To address the issue mentioned above, try to look for a mini-fridge that has a lock and key set to help you safely and securely stash your booze like the Whynter TBR-185SR Portable Tool Box Refrigerator.

Best Man Cave Mini Fridge - best garage man cave mini fridge

It also has 2 roller drawers on top of the fridge unit that you can use to hold snacks on your break or layout your tools while working for easy access.

This freestanding mini refrigerator unit can also be fitted with optional caster wheels to make it more portable when you’re moving around your man cave while working on things.

It has a powerful compressor that keeps your drinks nice and frosty so you can always count on a cold bottle or two after a long day’s work.



  • Toolbox and fridge in one – the combination of a toolbox and mini-fridge in one is unique and surprising, but that’s what makes this unit the best mini-fridge for any garage man cave. Having your tools and refreshments ready whenever you need them makes work so much easier and lighter.
  • Eye Catching powder red-coated red finish – another thing that makes this mini-fridge unique and perfect for the garage is its uncommon powder red finish that definitely adds a nice pop of color to an otherwise dull and boring space.
  • Stainless steel body – the full stainless steel outer body of the Whynter TBR-185SR Portable Tool Box Refrigerator ensures that the fridge is durable and made to last a long time.
  • Low-maintenance – with a durable steel body, you can be as rough as you want with this mini-fridge and not worry about damaging it too much. It also has an auto-defrost feature that virtually eliminates the need for manual defrosting.


  • Small – it’s only 1.8 cu. ft. so it’s quite small compared to other mini-fridges but it does hold up about 2 to 3 days worth of drinks which is good enough for personal use.

Buyers Guide FAQ’s

Installing a mini-fridge in your man cave is easy, but there are a few things that you need to take into consideration to ensure that your mini-fridge works properly and efficiently.

Finding a spot with a nearby wall socket should be your first priority. Next is to make sure there’s enough room for your mini-fridge in the spot you’re eyeing, whether it’s on the floor or on top of a table/counter.

There are two main types of mini-fridges: standalone or freestanding units and built-in ones.

Best Man Cave Mini Fridge - mini fridge basement set up

Freestanding Mini-fridge
A freestanding mini-fridge is pretty easy to install. You can place it wherever you want as long as there’s enough room for it and as long as there’s a wall socket nearby.

Since most mini-fridges have reversible doors, you might want to consider where to have your doors swing open from as well.

Built-in Mini-fridge
Since built-in mini-fridges need to fit within the available space underneath existing counters, buying and installing one is a bit trickier.

First, you have to make sure that it’s the perfect size for the space you have waiting for it. This doesn’t mean it has to be a snug fit, though. In fact, it’s the total opposite as you need to make sure that there’s enough room on all sides where heat could escape so as not to overheat your unit.

Unless you’re a seasoned DIYer, it would be better to leave the installation of your built-in mini-fridge to the pros instead.

Why You Need A Fridge In Your Man Cave

There are plenty of reasons why you would benefit from having your own mini-fridge in your man cave. These include:


  • Having cold drinks all the time – the family fridge is often full of food and other stuff for everyone so there’s almost always not enough space to keep a six-pack or two in there. Having your own mini-fridge allows you to store and chill whatever drinks you have so you can drink up anytime you please.
  • Making your man cave a more habitable room – “Dad, my friends are coming over. Please don’t embarrass me.” Does this sound familiar? You’ve probably thought about hiding out in your man cave to grant this request before but trashed the idea after realizing you’d go hungry and thirsty in there. With a mini-fridge, though, your man cave is more capable of sustaining your needs while you’re inside.
Best Man Cave Mini Fridge - mini fridge and wine cooler bar
  • Not having to get up and go to the kitchen to quench your thirst – you can call it laziness, but I’d still call it focusing your efforts on more important things. Why waste your time and energy going from the man cave to the kitchen and back for a bottle of beer or a can of soda when you can bring the refreshments closer to you, and you can use your time and energy to get more work done, level up in your game faster, or brainstorm better for your next weekend project?
  • Being able to stock up on whatever kind of beverage you want without worrying about the kids accidentally getting their hands on refreshments that are only for adults (alcoholic beverages)
  • Making hosting parties in your man cave easier – how many times have you had friends over and had to lug around that ugly-ass ice cooler so you can serve your guests cold, refreshing drinks? With a mini-fridge, all you have to do is make sure it’s fully stocked before the party starts, and you’re good to go!

How Loud Are Mini Fridges?


Are mini-fridges really loud? Not really, but some do make a noise that’s loud enough for you to notice.

However, if your fridge is working well and isn’t damaged, the noise shouldn’t be louder than your computer or the white noise coming from your speaker when it’s on but isn’t playing anything.

It’s also important to note that there are three types of mini-fridges (categorized according to how they cool the space inside): thermoelectric, compression, and absorption.

Of the three, the quietest one is the absorption refrigerator since it doesn’t use a motor to get the fridge cold. Next is the thermoelectric refrigerator and the least quiet type of mini-fridge is the compression fridge.

In general, the normal noise level for any fridge or freezer is anywhere between 32-47 dB.

Best Man Cave Mini Fridge - mini fridge built in shelf

Can I put a mini-fridge outside?

Some mini-fridges are marketed to be great for both indoor and outdoor use, but can you really put a mini-fridge outside of your home?

Well, that depends on the type of fridge that you have. If you intend on keeping it outside permanently rather than just bringing it out whenever you’re out as well, make sure you’re getting an outdoor-rated mini-fridge.

Can I put a mini-fridge in the garage?

The thing about garages is that they can be extremely hot since they’re practically already considered an outdoor area with no proper insulation, and putting a mini-fridge in an extremely hot area can force it to work harder than necessary, which could damage its motor and make it use more energy than what’s normally needed, translating to a significant jump in your power bill.

However, if your garage is well-insulated like all the other parts of your house, then placing a mini-fridge there as you turn it into your man cave shouldn’t be a problem.